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The Football Club USA is a national soccer initiative designed to provide a foundation for successful soccer clubs both on and off the field. The Football Club USA is owned and operated by U.K. Elite Soccer, with over 20 years of proven player development experience we provide clubs with the valuable resources and coaching staff they need to manage a successful soccer club.

We provide a superior coaching environment as well as a national network of opportunities for every player and member of staff. Each club is independently operated by a designated board and coaching team, however core standards for curriculums, branding, sponsorship, technology integration, player performance and administrative club logistics are all monitored centrally by The Football Club USA support team.

The emphasis at FC USA is on long term player development, creating successful players and providing pathways for continued success via successful club and representative teams, college programs and maybe for a select few professional opportunities.

We take pride in producing imaginative, skilful and entertaining football/soccer. We take time to develop and nurture our younger players to ensure they reach their full potential, a progressive technical and tactical curriculum ensures players are challenged in a fast paced competitive program.

FC USA Clubs represent a complete soccer program with travel, lifestyle and playing opportunities throughout the year, but most importantly a coaching program that will allow children and young adults to thrive as soccer players.

Partner with The Football Club USA

The Football Club USA is looking for opportunites to partner with clubs across the United States. Any club with ambition and a desire to provide a high level of competitive soccer will be considered regardless of size.

We provide a detailed management program encompassing all aspects of the club and its coaching staff.

All interested parties / general enquiries please contact

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